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Cinematic Snapshots

I love those moments in life that have a cinematic quality. When I noticed this stink bug on the Kalanchoe plant I bought the other day to celebrate Fall, I just had to capture the moment.

The color itself—a stunning bright orange—was so visually stimulating it drew me in. I’ve always been a bit of a skeptic when it comes to Color Therapy. I mean, how can a color actually affect a person’s mood? We live in a world full of color, yet because we’re so used to seeing them every day, they become mundane to us after a while. But when I stopped what I was doing and just sat with this plant for a moment, I noticed that I felt somehow “lifted” by it. It was affecting my mood. The stink bug sure was enjoying it.

I also liked the hunter-green leaves—what a pleasing color combination. Instinctually, I reached out to touch them. They had a thick, almost succulent quality about them, and they were smooth. I loved how all of these elements came together to stimulate my senses: the colors, the textures, the stink bug, the diffuse light filtering through the trees, the sound of the birds chirping, and the acorns popping as they hit the ground…

I was feelin’ the positive vibes. Was this experience actually raising my vibration?

When I read about the psychological effects of the color orange, I felt an internal nod in my gut. That’s exactly how I was feeling at that moment: uplifted, vibrant, warm, and stimulated. All I had to do was slow down and take notice of it.

I never realized that colors were their own superpower. I wondered if colors had their own vibrational frequency, so I did a deep dive down the rabbit hole and discovered chromatic vibrations and their association with the chakras. Orange is associated with the Sacral chakra—that energy center that corresponds to your gut.

What a coincidence! I began my week musing about trusting my gut and here I was ending it with the color orange and its correlations to the Sacral chakra—the chakra associated with the gut.

Miss Ruth, our orange, black, and white calico kitty, understood this concept already. As I was finishing up the blog, she kept staring at me, saying, “Can't you see that I'm a chromatic match to this cinematic scene? When are you going to snap my picture, minion?”


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