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Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Photo Credit: Ylanite Koppens

Wanna get a head start on your holiday shopping? How about giving the gift of relaxation! I’ve got a few options you may be interested in.

This holiday season I’m offering Massage Therapy Gift Certificates for $10 off my regular rate. It’s a great option for people you know would never buy one for themselves, or for someone you absolutely know needs some TLC, or even for yourself!

In addition, I’ve got a new side hustle many of you already know about: creating therapeutic weighted pillows. These pillows are all hand-crafted by me and are great for simple relaxation, insomnia, meditation… the list goes on. At present, I'm offering The Face Cloud (TFC), a therapeutic weighted face pillow, and The Jumbo Eye Pillow (see below).

Massage Therapy Gift Certificates

Massage Therapy Gift Certificates can be purchased in person at your next massage session. You may also email me at and I will send you (or the recipient) the gift certificate in the mail, postage paid. (My online shop only sends a virtual notification.)

Any massage gift certificate purchased between Nov. 2nd - Dec. 31st receives $10 off the regular price!

Massage Sessions (take 10$ off during the holiday season)

  • 30 minutes: $55

  • 45 minutes: $85

  • 60 minutes: $110

  • 75 minutes: $125

The Face Cloud Therapeutic Weighted Face Pillow

Some of you may have already experienced the new product I developed during the pandemic called The Face Cloud (TFC). It’s a weighted pillow with a breathing hole in the middle that lays directly on your face. Inside the pillow are bead pods which are arranged in a pattern that conforms to the natural contours of the face. Similar to the effects of the weighted blanket, TFC calms the nervous system and helps you relax. Originally developed as an aid for insomnia and anxiety, TFC can also be used as a tool for meditation, mindfulness training, and emotional self-regulation.

I will have them displayed in my office, so if you’d like to try one out during your next session, that would be great! For more information on TFC, click here.

  • Standard Face Cloud (14oz insert): $65 (add $15 for shipping)

The Face Cloud Jumbo Eye Pillow

The Jumbo Eye Pillow uses the same materials as The Face Cloud but has a lighter bead insert (10 oz). Less immersive than TFC but more comprehensive than a standard eye pillow, the Jumbo Eye Pillow covers your eyes and your ears for a warm, snuggly fit. Great for travel, yoga, or a quick time-out. Again, if you’d like to try it out, I will have them displayed in my massage space.

  • Jumbo Eye Pillow: (10 oz bead insert): $45 (add $10 for shipping)

Hand-Crafted and Made-to-Order

All of my therapeutic pillows are hand-crafted and made-to-order. I use quality anti-pill fleece and sherpa fabric. If you’d like to receive yours by Christmas, please let me know ASAP as they take up to a week to create.

The first 10 orders of both The Face Cloud and The Jumbo Eye Pillow are guaranteed by December 20th!

Because my new “therapeutic weighted pillow” side hustle is still in its infancy, as mentioned, they are not available in my online shop yet. If you’d like to purchase one or more, but you’re not able to come by my massage space, I will ship it/them to you (or the recipient) for an extra $15, as indicated.


I accept cash, local check, credit card, Venmo, PayPal, and Zelle. Please contact me at (718) 415-4610 or for more information and/or to purchase.

Current Fabric Patterns

At the moment, I am offering nine fabric patterns:

Top Left: Stars and Moons

Top Center: Purple Cosmos

Top Right: Planets

Middle Left: Sunset

Middle Center Seagulls Vignette

Middle Right: Alaska Vignette

Bottom Left: Wilderness

Bottom Center: Green Camo*

Bottom Right: Red Tartan*

*The Green Camo and Red Tartan fabrics are Sherpa fabric; the rest are Anti-Pill Fleece fabric


Photo Credit: Anna Tukhfatullina

I'm so pleased with the results I'm having with The Face Cloud so far. Here’s what some other folks are saying:

“I’m addicted to the cloud pillow. I HAVE to have it when I sleep and even when I am just sitting there, I wanna hold it on me.” -Kim R.

“I’m both a back sleeper and side sleeper and it works well in both positions. When I’m on my back, it keeps my head from moving side to side thereby stabilizing my neck muscles. When I turn on my side, I simply slide it to the side of my head so that my ear fits right in the hole which keeps it in place. I love my Face Cloud!” -Dorothy M.

“I started using The Face Cloud several months ago. I used to have trouble falling asleep at night. My mind would race from one obsessive thought to the next. The Face Cloud has the effect of shutting out the world. It makes me feel safe and secure so my mind can go off duty. And I love the cloud design! When I see the pillow in my room during the day I get a warm feeling inside, like seeing an old friend.” -Steve G.

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