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New Services for the Summer

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Greetings Everyone,

I hope you’re enjoying the Summer so far. With Summer Solstice fast approaching, I’ve been getting my proverbial ducks in a row.

I like celebrating the Summer Solstice. It’s that one day of the year when the Sun is at its peak–the maximum amount of sunlight on the year's longest day. It’s like a wide-open door of light and potential that sets the tone for the rest of the year. To me, the Summer Solstice is a time for growth and expansion.

With that in mind, I’ve spent the past few months developing some new treatments I will introduce throughout the summer. These treatments can be stand-alone sessions or add-ons to an existing treatment. I hope you’ll try them out!

Starting June 19th

  • Nervous System Reset: A fully-clothed treatment that includes slow compression and kneading of the major muscle groups, gentle rocking, and targeted pressure point therapy (i.e. acupressure) to re-regulate and calm the nervous system. This treatment is experienced on the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic levels of the body. Includes sound therapy. {30 min: $50 | 45 min: $75}

Starting July 5th

  • Facial Rejuvenation Massage: This treatment combines acupressure with jade roller and gua sha techniques to improve blood circulation, skin tone and elasticity, reduce fine lines, and improve overall skin health of the face. Includes ear reflexology and neck/scalp massage. {30 min: $50 | 45 min: $75}

Starting July 17th

  • Cool Therapy Massage: This treatment utilizes cryotherapy tools such as an ice roller, cool therapy bags, and cool towels to keep you cool during those upcoming steamy Summer months. Great muscle recovery application for athletes or for people who need a soothing, cool escape from the hot and humid mid-Summer weather. {30 min $50 | 45 min: $75}

Starting August 1st

  • Face, Hands, and Feet: This treatment is also performed with the client fully clothed with targeted acupressure to the extremities. If you don’t like to be touched that much but still want to experience the physiological benefits of a full-body massage then this is the service for you. {30 min: $50 | 45 min: $75}

I will write a more in-depth description of each treatment as they’re introduced. Please keep reading for a deeper description of the first treatment: Nervous System Reset–a remedy to help people with Nervous System Dysregulation. Looking forward to seeing you!

The Incredible Bio-Mechanical Machine

Wouldn’t it be nice if our bodies came with a dial that we could just turn down (or even off) whenever we felt our stress levels rising?

Well actually, it does… on a normal day.

On a normal day, our nervous system cycles through what is called the short-term stress response pretty regularly. When it senses anything that requires immediate action, it releases hormones that provide a burst of energy, enabling us to do what is necessary to meet that challenge. Afterward, the body returns to homeostasis (a stable equilibrium). It’s like an automatic internal dial that turns itself up and down naturally without us even having to think about it.

Usually, these “challenges” are not that serious or long-lasting. You might have a research paper due in less than 24 hours or a job interview in less than 20 minutes. Or your partner may have left their dirty socks on the bathroom floor for the umpteenth time. But most of these stressors are usually either short-lived or not that big a deal. Your mind and body work together seamlessly to bring you back to homeostasis.

But those “normal days” seem to have taken a prolonged sabbatical since the pandemic began in March 2020. The cumulative effect of long-term stress is beginning to hijack our sympathetic nervous systems, putting us in a permanent state of acute stress (i.e. the “fight or flight” response). As a result, the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the relaxation state (i.e. the “rest and digest” response), isn’t able to take over as it normally does.

That’s because our internal dial is stuck in overdrive. As a result, our mind and body are physiologically unable to wind down and return to the relaxation state.

Nervous System Dysregulation

This is termed nervous system dysregulation and I’m witnessing it increasingly in my massage therapy practice.

Symptoms of nervous system dysregulation are experienced on the physical, mental, emotional, and the energetic level, and include:

  • insomnia

  • gut problems

  • fatigue

  • sluggishness

  • brain fog

  • feeling overwhelmed

  • emotional sensitivity

  • heightened anxiety

  • irritability

  • overthinking

In addition, if a person has pre-existing conditions such as chronic pain, PTSD, ADHD, addiction, and others, the symptoms of nervous system dysregulation can become exacerbated.

Nervous System Reset with Acupressure and Sound Healing

My new treatment, Nervous System Reset, incorporates pressure point therapy (i.e. acupressure) with sound therapy to unwind the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic layers of the body so that it can return to homeostasis.

Like acupuncture, acupressure stimulates specific acupoints along the body’s biological pathways to balance the flow of energy, but instead of needles, the practitioner uses her fingers, thumbs, and elbows.

Certain acupoints are directly linked to the parasympathetic system, and when stimulated, they can reactivate the relaxation response, allowing the mind and body to re-regulate itself and return to homeostasis.

Sound therapy as a healing practice dates back to ancient Tibetan and Himalayan cultures where singing bowls were used in spiritual healing ceremonies. In the Western world, sound therapy was used as far back as the 1940s to treat WWII soldiers.

The effect of music on brain wave patterns has been well-documented. In fact, when the brain is exposed to specific sound frequencies, it becomes synchronized in a process called brainwave entrainment. These frequencies induce the theta brainwave state which is the frequency most beneficial for healing the body.

Nervous System Reset benefits:

  • Re-regulates the nervous system so it can move freely into the parasympathetic/relaxation state

  • Induces a state of deep relaxation and stillness

  • Restores emotional balance and cognitive clarity

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Reduces stress and anxiety by decreasing cortisol levels

  • Releases endorphins into the bloodstream

  • Helps improve sleep quality and quantity, including the ability to stay asleep

  • Balances the gut-brain axis, thus, improving digestive function

What To Expect

Nervous System Reset is what we call a “dry” treatment; that is, the client is fully clothed and the practitioner does not use oils or creams during the session (except on the feet). In addition to pressing specific acupoints connected to the parasympathetic nervous system, this technique includes slow compression and kneading of major muscle groups, gentle rocking, slow mobilization and cradling of the joints, and aromatherapy (optional).

As many of you already know, my massage space has a very peaceful atmosphere, and because of the vaulted ceiling, really nice acoustics. The effect is very nurturing and conducive to deep relaxation. I will have different sound therapy recordings available based on the client’s preference, including solfeggio frequencies, Tibetan singing bowls, deep relaxation, ocean waves, singing bowl sound baths, and others. Check out my website (soon) for a full list. If your optimum sound therapy is not offered, please let me know beforehand and I will find a recording of your preference.

As Always...

To all of you, thank you once again for allowing me to be a part of your therapeutic regimen. Have a great summer and I look forward to seeing you soon.



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